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Industrial and Commercial Potable Water Delivery in Strathcona County

At Willy's Water Service, we do much more than just hauling water: we service washcars, provide dust control, hydro tests and more. No matter where you are, you can count on our skilled drivers to find their way to your industrial plant site, camp or construction project. All our trucks are approved for potable water hauling in the Strathcona County and surrounding areas. All of our trucks have an approved health food handling permit.


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Our services include:

  • Water jetting
  • Safety showers fills
  • Locomotive/Rail car fills
  • Hydrovac filling
  • Potable water hauling
  • Dust control
  • Washcar service
  • Hydro tests
  • Construction site services
  • Landscape and tree watering
  • Call out for emergency fire departments

Truck Sizes
Our fleet is made up of a variety of trucks including:

  • Tandem axle (up to 13.6 m³)
  • Triaxle (up to 18 m³)
  • Tanker (up to 30 m³)
  • Tandem axle vacuum truck
  • Tri-axle vacuum truck
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